Memorandum of Fact and Law - Cover Colours

It is requested that in respect of memoranda of fact and law filed after July 1, 2002, the covers should be of the following colours:

  1.  for an appellant's memorandum, beige;
  2.  for a respondent's memorandum, green; and
  3.  for an intervener's memorandum, blue.

Book of authorities, statutes and regulations

Where possible the parties should file a Joint Book of Authorities with a burgundy cover. Where there is no agreement on a joint book of authorities each party should file a separate book of authorities with a cover the same colour as the filing party's memorandum of fact and law. If possible a party should avoid duplicating an authority already in the other party's book of authorities.

Authorities - Identifying Passages Relied On

Parties should identify, by coloured highlighting, the portions of cases on which they particularly intend to rely.

Barry L. Strayer
Chief Justice

June 12, 2002

Date modified: 2020-02-27