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The Honourable Elizabeth Bennett

Justice Elizabeth Bennett obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University in 1978 and her LL.B. from the University of British Columbia in 1981. Her law practice was exclusively in the area of criminal law, both Crown and defence. She specialized as appellate counsel. She was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1994. Justice Bennett was appointed to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1997 and to the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada in 1999. She was appointed to the Courts of Appeal of British Columbia and Yukon in 2009. She is the Past-President of the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, the Co-chair of the Canadian Judicial Council’s Committee on Criminal Jury Instructions, and has a number of publications in the field of criminal law. She was the Chair of the Canadian Bar Association National Criminal Law Section and a former member of the Citizens Advisory Committee of the National Parole Board. She has lectured with the Federation of Law Societies National Criminal Law Program, the National Judicial Institute, the Canadian Association for the Administration of Justice, numerous CLE’s and Fordham University Law School in New York on the topic of neuroscience and criminal law.


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